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ITarget Pro Training System

iTarget is a revolutionary new firearm training device which uses a laser bullet and a phone app to allow you to see precisely where your shots are hitting. iTarget is available exclusively from

This inexpensive training system will you improve your targeting skills as you dry fire practice at home. Each shot is recorded and gives immediate feedback on the accuracy of your shots without costing you money for range time or costly ammunition. It does not replace trips to a live firing range, but helps you sharpen your skills between live training sessions.

If you have one gun, you can order a set for $99.00. Laser cartridges are $59.99 for each additional cartridge sizes. If you are using a revolver, you may need to purchase 2 or more lasters rounds to give you a simulation of a doubled tap firing experience.

iTarget Laser Rounds are available for 9mm, .38 special, .40 caliber,
.45 caliber, and .223 caliber.

iTARGET PRO Apps are available for your Iphone or Android Phone.

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Questions and Answers about the iTarget System

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