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General Class Instructions

Currently, classroom training will be held at: Little Flock Church

1149 County Road 30A, Ashland, Ohio  

(30A, just east of the village of Mifflin, Ohio near S.R. 603 / S.R. 30)

Come ready to learn!  Lunch will be provided. If you have dietary restrictions, please let me know in advance. Light snacks, coffee and water will be available at no cost. 

(Range).  As a class, we will caravan to our outdoor facility at 2:00 pm; so dress accordingly for the weather. We train rain or shine.  Also bring sunscreen and a hat.  A large shelter is available with tables and chairs for our students.  Light snacks and water will be available at the range.

Student Requirements:

For Initial CCW Course…

 Student must have:

·        a semi-automatic or revolver (minimum caliber .380 pistol or 38-special revolver).

Note:   The weapon needs to ‘fit’ the student and the student must be able to operate the weapon in safe and effective manner so as to be able to qualify with the weapon at the end of the course. Citizen Defense policy requires students to ‘qualify’ (successfully complete the State of Ohio qualification course) with the weapon they plan to conceal carry. If the student plans to carry more than one weapon, the student will have opportunity to qualify with those weapon(s) at the end of the range day and it will become part of the student’s records in our files. Additional cost may apply. The weapon must be fully functional and operational for safe use. Please ensure the weapon has been properly cared for and is within specification with manufacturer requirements or guidelines. The student may consider having a certified gunsmith evaluate the weapon prior to coming to class. Disclaimer: Citizen Defense, and its instructors, will NOT repair or alter any component of any weapon system. Students are responsible for ensuring the weapon is in safe, fully operational and safe condition and functional before class or training begins. 

·        Good quality holster that is suitable for concealed carry

·        Spare magazines or speed loaders (minimum of 1)

·        Concealment garment (optional)

·        Ammunition for the weapon system brought to the course (minimum of 100 rounds)

·        Safety Glasses (eye protection)

·        Auditory Protection (ear protection) suitable for firing ranges

·        Pen and notebook paper

·        A student handout will be provided at class, and a copy of the Ohio Concealed Carry Law Handbook will be emailed to you in advance of the class. Students must read this manual prior to coming to class.

·        Lunch is provided. Snacks/Drinks will be available. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please contact us at least one-week prior to the first day of class

·        Professional student dress or attire. (dress appropriately for the environmental conditions/elements for both the classroom and the outdoor range)

Note: Citizen Defense will not permit students in to the classroom or on the range wearing clothing that is unsafe or deemed inappropriate (bearing symbols, statements or other derogatory, discriminatory, inflammatory or likely to be offensive to a person(s) race, color, national origin, gender, age, creed, religion, handicap, disability or medical condition) for the learning environment

·        Please begin completing the Ohio Concealed Carry Application. This will also be emailed to you in advance of the course.  You will need this form when applying at your local Sheriff’s Office for your license

·        Bring with you the Liability Waiver Form completed and signed, on the first day of class

·        Students must have submitted an application and full course fee paid, prior to the start of the course date. No walk-in applications will be accepted

·        Student must show a Government issued photo ID to verify identity on the first day of class. This ID can be in the form of a passport, driver’s license, or state ID

·        Student is responsible for safely and lawfully transporting their weapon(s). Please ensure you are transporting the weapon in a secured container, and placed in your trunk, unloaded, and the ammunition in a separate compartment

·        No weapons will be permitted in the classroom. Leave your weapon in your car/vehicle until the instructor instructs students to retrieve the weapons.  All weapon handling will be at the range.

·        Review and memorize the 4-safety rules prior to coming to the first day of class. This will be emailed to you in advance of the class.  Students will be quizzed on the safety rules throughout the entire course

·        Students should read and understand the Citizen Defense Student Handbook prior to coming to the first day of class

·        Students should come prepared to engage in conversation and participation is required of all students to help determine their level of comprehension of the instructed material

·        Students should come ready to learn and most of all, enjoy the instruction and hands-on training that Citizen Defense provides its students

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