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Intermediate CCW Skills Training

Course Length: 8-hours (1-day)

Cost:  $75  (*fee includes lunch, student fee, range use and targets)

Pre-requisite:  Must have a current CCW permit

Course Description:

This course is designed for the current CCW license holder and will build on the fundamentals learned in your concealed carry class.  We accept all students who have completed a valid CCW course and have a valid/current CCW license.  This course focuses to develop the CCW permit holders skills towards a reality based platform for close quarter encounter situations for self-defense, if attacked, as well as develop combat accuracy, efficiency and consistency.  The intermediate course is a full 1-day course that will challenge you and your skills, and begin to develop a mindset for future success and more advanced training.  ALL Citizen Defense classes are instructed by OPOTA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.  We train like we fight…and fight like we train. We train to WIN!

Course Content

·        Apply the fundamentals of firearms safety

·        Apply the fundamentals of safe weapons handling and use

·        Apply the fundamentals of safe weapon retrieval from concealment with transition to target acquisition

·        Apply the fundamentals of grip, shooting platform, presentation, sight-alignment, trigger management, tactical breathing and breath control, follow through, and recovery

·        Apply the fundamentals of combat accuracy

·        Apply the fundamentals of defensive shooting fundamentals

·        Apply the fundamentals of efficiency and consistency

·        Apply the fundamentals of natural body reaction

·        Apply the fundamentals of balance of speed and precision

·        Apply the fundamentals of stance and movement

·        Apply the fundamentals of escape or barricade

·        Apply the fundamentals of tactical movement

·        Apply the fundamentals of cover & concealment


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