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Initial CCW Training

Course Length: 8 Hours (6-hours classroom, 2-hours firing range;

Cost:  $85  (*fee includes lunch and snacks)

Course Description:

This course will fulfill the educational requirement for a student to apply for an Ohio Concealed Carry Weapons permit. While the State of Ohio only requires 8-hours of instructional training, Citizen Defense gives our students the extra experience and training opportunity that far exceeds the ‘minimum.’ Students will experience “real-world” education and hands-on firearms training, provided exclusively by veteran and OPOTA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.  Citizen Defense will provide you with the confidence in safe firearms handling, close-quarter firearm tactics, reinforce the principles of personal responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon, and begin to develop the fundamental platform to better prepare you for ‘the fight.’ We train like we fight…and fight like we train. We train to WIN!


During the 6-hour mandatory classroom portion of the CCW course, students will:

·        Learn the fundamental principles of firearms safety and weapons handling

·        Learn Use of Force and its proper application by ORC and applicable case law

·        Learn the various case law that applies to CCW

·        Learn the variety of legal issues that pertain to CCW

·        Learn the pertinent sections of the Ohio Revised Code that affect CCW

·        Learn the powers of observation

·        Learn the fundamentals of tactical considerations in a variety of environments

·        Learn the fundamentals of mental toughness

·        Learn various weapon carry options and ‘best practices’ for concealed carry

·        Learn the limitations to combat fighting and reactions under stress

·        Learn the fundamentals of safe weapons handling, loading and unloading

·        Learn the fundamentals of marksmanship and accuracy shooting

·        Learn, through use of multi-media sources
(“NEW” DART Firearms Simulator), review and discuss a variety of actual events and studies as it relates to CCW


During the 2-hour firing range portion of the CCW course, students will:

·        Apply the fundamentals of firearms safety

·        Apply the fundamentals of safe weapons handling and use, including loading and unloading

·        Apply the fundamentals of grip, shooting platform, presentation, sight-alignment, trigger management, tactical breathing and breath control, follow through, and recovery

·        Apply the fundamentals of dealing with weapon malfunctions and how to clear them

·        Apply the fundamentals of cover and concealment

·        Apply the fundamentals of firing behind cover/concealment

·        Apply the fundamentals of situational awareness and 360 degree awareness

·        Apply the fundamentals of multiple targets

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