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Gun Control in the Third Reich
Disarming the Jews and Enemies of the State
by Stephen P. Halbrook (Author)

Gun Control and the Third Reich Based on newly discovered secret documents from German archives, diaries, and newspapers of the time, Gun Control in the Third Reich presents the definitive yet hidden history of how the Nazi dictatorship made use of gun control to disarm and repress its enemies and consolidate its power. The countless books on the Third Reich and the Holocaust fail even to mention the laws restricting firearms ownership, which rendered political opponents and Jews defenseless. A skeptic could surmise that a better-armed populace might have made no difference, but the National Socialist regime certainly did not think so — it ruthlessly suppressed firearm ownership by disfavored groups.

The book spans the two decades from the birth of the Weimar Republic in 1918 through Kristallnacht in 1938 and then presents a panorama of pertinent events during World War II regarding the effects of the disarming policies. Citizens across the nation are grappling with how the 2nd Amendment should be interpreted—or even if it should be disposed of—and this book provides the perspective of the consequence of disarming a population.

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"A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer's hand."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"I will teach my children weapons and warfare, so they might teach their children science and law, so they might teach their children art and literature."
- Unknown Greek

"Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it."
- Pericles

"The Nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools."
- Thucydides

"Though defensive violence will always be 'a sad necessity' in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men."
- St. Augustine

One month after the South signed the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865, Frederick Douglass sought to restrict state and local government from imposing gun congtrol against new black citizens. Douglass said this "...while the Legislatures of the South can take from him (the black man) the right to keep and bear arms, as they can ... the work of the Abolitionists is not finished."
-Frederick Douglass

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